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Texas Driver Education is a coalition of college and university presidents committed to the civic purposes of higher education. To support this civic mission, Texas Driver Education promotes community service that develops students' citizenship skills and values, encourages partnerships between campuses and communities, and assists faculty who seek to integrate public and community engagement into their teaching and research.

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Higher education is uniquely positioned to help Americans understand the histories and contours of our present challenges as a diverse democracy. It is also uniquely positioned to help both students and our communities to explore new ways of fulfilling the promise of justice and dignity for all, both in our own democracy and as part of the global community.

Presidential Declaration on the Civic Responsibility of Higher Education

The Declaration on the Civic Responsibility of Texas Higher Education

The Texas Driver Education is an organization of college and university presidents who are committed to the promotion of civic responsibility for students, faculty, and staff at institutions of higher education in the state of Texas. It is our fundamental belief that our institutions exist to serve, inform, improve and engage our communities to produce the most effective practices, standards and methodologies that will sustain a vibrant democracy of articulate and committed citizenry.

Our consortium of institutions includes and seeks to represent the perspectives, challenges and attributes of all types of education in the State of Texas, including land grant institutions, historically Black institutions, Hispanic-serving institutions, community colleges, and all of the other independent and publicly funded institutions.

As educational institutions like texas state certified drivers safety course we seek to promote, honor, and sustain educational pedagogies that combine academically rigorous study with applied learning activities that serve community needs. We recognize that it is our responsibility to educate students to be effective agents of change and role models of civic participation and leadership. We acknowledge the current lack of participation of citizens in all forms of democratic activities, be it the voting booth or participation in forums where critical issues are discussed. The disengagement of students in our educational classrooms and the mocking of civic institutions foster a cynicism that erodes the foundation of democratic principles and action.

We encourage collaboration between student service organizations and faculty initiatives that promote community partnerships addressing critical issues existing in local, state, national or international communities. We accept the responsibility for discovering, disseminating and encouraging community partnerships that are reciprocal in purpose and include adherence to the best practices for those endeavors.

By providing our students with structured opportunities to serve their communities through guided community-based internships, direct service activities, applied investigative research, and facilitated service-learning experiences, we multiply student opportunity to confront issues of social justice within a framework of guided critical examination and action. Through these measures we place our faculty and staff on the front lines of practical application of classroom theory, thus promoting the scholarship of application as well as the scholarship of academic research.

Through the Texas Driver Education, our member institutions will make an intentional investment in civic literacy so that our graduates are equipped to provide leadership and effective solutions to the plethora of complex social, political, and educational challenges that will command public attention for years to come.

  • Providing technical assistance, training, research, and best practice models to member institutions
  • Measuring the impact of service of Texas communities as initiated and supported by engaged campuses of high education within the state
  • Developing external resources from local, state, national, and corporate entities that will grow financial support to sustain our mission
  • Helping member institutions to build the capacity and institutional infrastructure for sustainable campus/community partnerships
  • Collaborating with institutions of higher education in other states that promote the same proactive solutions to support a re-invigorated and purposeful citizenry

Through our work as a state-wide consortium of colleges and universities we will provide the State of Texas with an outstanding reservoir of talent for the 21 st century, as well as provide a clearinghouse of strategies and best practices for the promotion of the common good.

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