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With this website we hope to provide a leading source of information related to the areas of service-learning and civic engagement in Higher Education. Our goal is to support and encourage each institution of Higher Education on its road to becoming an engaged campus. Click on the tabs above to find out more about us and our members.

When we talk about outside sources it doesn’t only mean other drivers in the lanes around you. Animals, pedestrians, bicyclists, tree, debris, and the list can go on forever. What would you do if a tree fell twenty feet in front of you while driving 55 mph? How would you react to a child running out in the street to get a ball as you approach quickly blinded by the setting sun? The objective in asking these questions is not to make you feel inadequate. It is much easier to get answers and obtain knowledge if you know what questions to ask first. The key is to always be prepared for whatever it is that you encounter as a licensed driver.

“We believe that the challenge of the next millennium is the renewal of our own democratic life and reassertion of social stewardship. In celebrating the birth of our democracy,we can think of no nobler task than committing ourselves to helping catalyze and lead a national movement to reinvigorate the public purposes and civic mission of higher education. We believe that now and through the next century, our institutions must be vital agents and architects of a flourishing democracy.”

Roberto White
Presidents’ Declaration on the Civic Responsibility of Texas educational course

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